The Largest In-Person Event for the Residential Cleaning Industry 

3 day Training Intensive 


April 7-9, 2022
Dallas, TX
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

New Content! Proven Strategies,Tactics & Tips! 

10X Your Team: Recruit, Hire, Train, Manage, and Retain Great Employees and GROW Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!  

A great customer might be worth $3000 a year to your business. 
But how much is a productive, well trained, happy employee worth? $40,000, $50,000 a year in earned revenue?
So ask yourself, who are the real VIPS in your business?


At this 3-DAY LIVE EVENT you will learn how to:
  • Attract & Hire A-Players FAST
  • ​Go From No-shows to Career Cleaners
  • Master the Employee Journey 
  • ​Build A Self-Managing Team
  • Create Employee Processes Fit For A VIP
  • Build A Sticky Workforce and Stop Hiring The QUITTERS
  • ​Simplify And Systemize Your Training Program 



New Content Needed Right NOW

Proven Strategies, Tactics and Tips


100s of Cleaning Business Owners

Facilitated Roundtables for Focused Discussion

Problem Solving

'Hot Seats' Where Our Experts Work Specific Business Issues

Open Q&A: Your Questions Answered!


  • OWNERS (AND SPOUSE):  If you are the OWNER of a residential cleaning business you should attend!
  • PARTNERS:  If you are part owner, co-owner, you should attend!
  • ​START UPS: If you are thinking about starting a residential cleaning business, attend!
  • CEO or HIGH LEVEL Office Manager: If you make decisions, share in the profits, you might be a good fit for this event
  • ​WHO THIS IS NOT FOR: This event is NOT suitable for employees

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"I can’t say enough about Cleaning Business Fundamentals. I joined 4.5 months ago and it changed my life. This is so much more than just bringing my business to whole new levels. This is improving the quality of my business, my relationships as a business owner, and the quality of my life. When you join CBF you gain a whole new family and I would not trade it for the world. Thank you Debbie Sardone!!!"

Suzi V.

"This is the best Cleaning business training and coaching in the world. It is life changing for sure! We were stuck for years and within the first year we more than doubled our business. Debbie pointed us to so many resources that has mad a HUGE difference! CBF was the best choice we ever made by far!!!!"

Two Gals And A Broom

"Debbie Sardone literally changed my life. Before I met her, I was a stressed out maid service who was still cleaning houses! After my first conference with her I immediately stopped cleaning & focused on running my business. I go to her events every year and always see financial benefits right away. I’m well on my way to a million dollar maid service and it’s all because of her."

Lynn T.


Join Hundreds Of Cleaning Business Owners Who Invested In Themselves by Coming To This Amazing Training and Networking Event!

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Meet Debbie Sardone

Debbie Sardone is the founder of the #1 residential cleaning business academy in the world and has created more Mop-Free Millionaires than any other program on the planet! 

She has helped hundreds of cleaning business owners find financial success and freedom from cleaning every day.

Debbie is also the founder of the national nonprofit Cleaning for a Reason.

Just like you, I used to struggle in my cleaning business.

I started cleaning more than 35 years ago and I did well. My customers loved me and I couldn't believe that people would pay $5 an hour to have their homes cleaned! 

Eight years later, I had more customers than I could handle and I knew that I was ready to build a business and hire employees. It was time for me to go from cleaner to owner. 

It was a tough transition. It felt like everything that was easy when it was just me was now hard, full of drama and chaos -- hiring, training, bidding, winning and retaining. My business started to feel more like a burden than an asset, and my dream of running my own cleaning company was falling away. I remember telling my husband that I thought I was going to have to close my doors.

Then I made the best decision of my life and saved my failing business. 

I Got Help!

I cleaned houses for 8 years and struggled for 15. But after hiring a coach, I reached the $1M mark within 9 months. The best investment I ever made was investing in MYSELF! 

Do you have the guts to invest in YOU?

Our Mop-Free Millionaires and Last Year's New CBF Members Did

CBF Live 3 Day Training Event Is OPEN to 
New and established Residential Cleaning Businesses. 
Thinking about starting a cleaning business, or owned one for many years...we welcome you! 

Change your business. Rewrite your future. 
Click the button to get more details.

Your NEXT BEST MOVE Starts at CBF Live 2022!

It's The BIGGEST Event of the Year
10X Your Team and GROW! 

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